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Energistically utilize team driven niche markets rather than leveraged platforms. Monotonectally restore tactical "outside the box" thinking and technically sound deliverables.


About Pluged

Pluged  is the only website that is dedicated to bringing together licensed electrical contractors  and customers with any electrical need. Whether you are looking to have high voltage transformers installed in a factory or some low voltage under-cabinet lights in the kitchen, you will find an appropriate, licensed electrical contractor here. Read reviews from real customers, see the scope of a contractor’s jobs, and decide who you are interested in contacting. Have peace of mind that all contractors are fully licensed and insured.

Why Choose Pluged.ca

Pluged helps you find an electrical contractor who meets your needs. Did you know that some electricians specialize in Residential works and others in Industrial, Commercial and Institutional? Electrical work is more specialized than you might realize. The electrical contractors on this website have let us know what their specialization is, so that you can narrow your search in seconds. Connect with an electrician who understands your needs.

Pluged is a free service to help homeowners find reputable Electrical Contractors and Low Voltage Contractors by searching. This builds a collective knowledge base that is invaluable in helping homeowners make better hiring decisions. We have now grown to be the leading online community of homeowners and home improvement companies throughout Canada